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Climax: ultimate stage of a reasoning, height of an organism or ecosystem development, final step of an evolution... This too rarely used term may define too what you can hope from a totally customized evolution for your motorcycle. For instance, here is what it is possible to get from a 250 MZ ETZ 1988, a 150 MZ TS 1979 or a BMW R26, models obviously not without charm at the origin, but sometimes impaired by esthetic or mecanical defects that may repulse any aesthete.
By the way, had you never thought, you too, that only few specific changes on your motorcycle could make it closer to your dream one? How many models look uncompleted? Furthermore, how many old motorbikes could attract you once they have been upgraded, revamped, corrected in a way, as if the motorbike maker had improved its product 30 years later in order to retreive the ultimate developement of a motorbike of which it let down the evolution too soon?
But perhaps do you bluntly prefer a tailor made motorbike? So, have a glance at the G-purp 250 STR or at the Italaero 350 Scrambler... Unless you've met your dream motorbike, like me with the Ducati 350 Scrambler, and you devote time for its restoration?